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Anonymous asked: Do you ever have those moments when you're doing something super mundane and then you just think of Harry being there with you? I do...


when i’m driving into the city in the mornings i always picture him sitting in the passenger seat next to me, his knees bent with feet on my dashboard and hand out the window pretending he can fly. i’m blasting the 1975 but it’s not loud enough for him, so he’ll turn it to full volume and scream along, not caring who’s looking or who notices him.

for that hour maneuvering through rush hour he doesn’t have to think about who he is or everything he has to do, he just loses himself in the sunrise and the music with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. he says something but i can’t hear him, though instead of turning the volume down he leans closer to me and peppers kisses along my cheek among lost words but i don’t mind that i still have no idea what he’s saying.

we don’t care about the traffic or the noise or the people staring because we’re laughing and living, not giving a shit if the cars in front of us ever move because we have each other and that’s just enough.

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Absolutely talented person. Awesome hairdo, right? I was here in LA and I got a call, “hey, you wanna go to the studio and do some writing?” and this and that, and I say, “yeah, of course, of course.” And they were like, “what do you think of Harry Styles being in on the writing session?” And I said, “yeah, why not? You know, let’s give it a shot.” ‘Cause I’d only heard good things about Harry from other people that I knew. I was curious, I was like “yeah, let’s give it a shot and see what happens.” Because, look, at the end of the day if you have a bad day in the studio it’s just one day. He was great, honestly. We got in the studio, he was really respectful and he was nice. I sat down at the piano and he’s over there, you know, he’s standing next to me and what not and we’re all, kind of, throwing ideas out. I sang an opening line and he immediately followed it up with another line. And I thought, “oh, look what we have here. Yeah, yeah, this guy’s gonna bring it today.” So, a few hours later we pretty much had the majority of a song completed. A song I think sounds beautiful, it’s a special song. It’s called “Not Our Fault” and I think it’s a winner. It’s about… if it doesn’t work out sometimes you can’t necessarily just blame it on yourselves, you know, sometimes it’s what’s going on around you. Sometimes it’s other things that have nothing to do with the two people involved, those factors that you can’t control. It touches on that type of subject. It’s a way of saying you’re giving up, but it’s not necessarily you’re giving up because you don’t love each other.
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