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"Something I love about having had some success is being able to treat my friends, but I would hate for anyone to think I was trying to show off. I paid off my mom’s mortgage and bought her a car - things that I knew she needed - but I don’t buy extravagant gifts all the time. I tried to give money to my dad, but he wouldn’t take it. He’ll barely take a Christmas present off of me. I want to do up the house he lives in, but at the same time I don’t want to be that idiot who walks in and throws money around. When I go to the pub with my mates we just buy rounds - the way it should be. I’m not going to be ordering bottles of champagne. It’s just not me."

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On the Line; Chapter 1


I drummed my fingers against my stomach as the phone rang once, twice, three times…

“Thank you for calling. Before we continue, are you over the age of eighteen?”


“Are you aware the rate per minute is one pound?”


“Thank you, sir. Your calls may be monitored to protect our staff. Please hold.”

I relaxed into my pillows, rolling my eyes as the cliché porno hold music filtered through the speaker. I didn’t wait long.

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You Get In a Car accident


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"No, Harry! I can not believe you would do something like that!" I yelled angerly, continuing to walk away from him.
“Stop fucking turning your back on me!” Harry growled, grabbing my hand so that he can forse me to face him.

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haha [deletes thirsty imagines] hahaha [rips down posters] hahahaha [destroys all evidence that i was ever a 1d fan] so hey ur that harry guy right wow do you want to date [mini cardboard harry cutout falls out of pocket] ah shit

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